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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Artfire Collections: Oct. 13-14

Wild Turkey Carving
I'm happy to share with you some more Artfire Collections! It's such a pleasure to have my shop, SandraHealy, included. A curator chooses a dozen items, fitting a theme, from different artists, so do check out the links to them. To not clutter my blog too much, I'm just including a small photo of my item which is included in each Collection.
Barn Owl Carving
American Crow

 "Quoth the Raven", curated by ShadowDogDesigns "Ravens . . . Crows . . . Halloween! Enjoy these beauties!" (American Crow)

Blue Tit Carving

  • "Trim the Tree!", curated by SuzanneStevens  "The stores and malls and, yes, Artfire, is already decked out for Christmas festivities! Seeing this always brings back memories of trimming our family tree with a myriad of ornaments: some heirlooms, some handmade, and new heirlooms-to-be. There's an abundance of beautiful Christmas ornaments available on many that many collections could be curated on that topic alone. Here is a small sampling of many that I found to be 'favorites'." (Blue Tit Carving)
  • Quail Pair Carving
  • "Just The Two Of Us!", curated by GoldBracelets "Good things do come in pairs. And I know a lot of us handicrafters and artisans here at ArtFire are Empty Nesters, so I found quite a few beautiful items with couples and pairs! Once again, I found quite a few new and very interesting ArtFire Artisans. I do hope you enjoy browsing their pages!" (Quail Couple Carving)
Tiger Carving

Whooping Crane

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