Carved Animals by Sandra Healy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Artfire Collections: Oct 19

Wild Turkey Carving
Galapagos Tortoise
I'm so honored to have my artwork chosen for these lovely collections:
Nashville Warbler
  • "The Chambered Nautilus--Beautiful in Any Medium", curated by Coolstraps  (Nautilus carving) "Its webs of living gauze no more unfurl;
    Wrecked is the ship of pearl!
    And every chambered cell,
    Where its dim dreaming life was wont to dwell,
    As the frail tenant shaped his growing shell,
    Before thee lies revealed,
    Lazuli Bunting

    Its irised ceiling rent, its sunless crypt unsealed!--Oliver Wendell Holmes"  THIS MADE THE FRONT PAGE OF ARTFIRE ON OCTOBER 21!!

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