Carved Animals by Sandra Healy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Artfire Collections: Oct. 10-12

    Spotted Skunk
  • "Hi little skunk!", curated by geishalovessamurai: "I always wanted to have a pet skunk...the unscented version, of course. Here are some to enjoy!" Spotted Skunk.
  •  "Birds of a Feather...Flock to ArtFire!", curated by StephanieRonnyeknit1bead2 "Pretty birds!" Whooping Crane.
  • "She\'s A Hoot!!! ", curated by bluesharkdivadesigns
    Barn Owl
    who says, "This Collection is dedicated to my new Friend Payton today... Because she's a real HOOT!! And she also happens to make the coolest Glass Lampwork Owl Beads and Pendants like the one featured here!" Barn Owl.
  • "Come a Lizarding With Me", curated by GottDesigns who says, "Lizards have always fascinated me. They come in so many different colors and shapes. I love to watch the geckos on my patio at night."Collared Lizard.
    Collared Lizard
  • "Showing the Reptiles Some Love", curated by TinaDeanDesigns.
    "The beauty of reptiles is overlooked by a vast number of people. Let's show them some love." Pond Turtle.
    Pond Turtle

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