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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Not much to report for Thursday: I just drove to Portland. Really, I should have stopped for a hike or something since the day turned out to be quite okay. But on the other hand I didn't want to drive into the city during rush hours. 

This Friday morning Susan and I and Millie drove over to Reed Canyon and did a hike in light to no rain. It was Millie's first time there and she had to sniff everything of course. Canada geese are way bigger than puppy. Susan's new EasyWalk dog harness works pretty well so Millie didn't do a lot of pulling on the leash. The leash is fastened to the front, so if she pulls it turns her sideways. We didn't see the otter, but there were various ducks. Buffleheads, and with iBird consultation another which I thought might be a ring-necked duck. Plus mallards of course. 

 Millie was especially fascinated with the smell of sword ferns.

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