Carved Animals by Sandra Healy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artist Statement

I've been working on an Artist Statement for an upcoming artshow. What do you think? Any and all suggestions are welcome! This is just an idea... I've edited it with some minor changes...


We are Sandra Healy's animals and as usual she has dragged her paws about writing an artist statement, so we are doing it for her. We used to just include wood animals, and enjoyed her hands holding us while carving and painting, and  we anticipated traveling to new homes around the world.

But now we include some new friends! Sandra has applied the skills, used for airbrushing our delicate patterns, to create some flat paintings. We felt somewhat jealous of the landscape paintings which left us out, so when she wasn't paying attention, we sneaked in, hiding in the leaves, blending with the dunes, becoming like the trees.

When people look at a landscape in the real world, they can't see all the life that is hidden there. Sandra's new paintings express that, and we animals are so pleased to be there, and hope humans enjoy searching for us.


  1. I like it! A great way to express your art as a third party expression without having to deal with the third party. Your wood carving work is so expressive and now your paintings with the hidden creatures - wonderful!

  2. I'm so glad you like the Artist Statement! I've made a few minor changes since your comment which I hope improves it. Even more, I'm pleased that you're enjoying my paintings.


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